Thursday, 1 December 2016

Dear Mr Tofa

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Dear Mr Tofa,

Thank you so much for sponsoring me. I will work really hard to clean up the creek on Thursday the 8 of December. I will also help out with the sausage sizzles this Friday and next Friday.  

I really want this T-shirt to show I have been a student in Glenbrae and I will wear it with pride . I will be happy to wear it at my graduation and I will be presented it then .  

Thank you again for sponsoring me. I really appreciate your help and I am looking forward to wearing my T shirt at graduation.

From Mafoa


Thursday, 17 November 2016

New Zealand Earthquake

New Zealand Earthquake

What is your understanding about what an earthquake is?An earthquake is what happens when two blocks of the earth suddenly slip past one from another.

Why is this earthquake significant for New Zealand? Because it is dangerous even if it is big or small it can hurt people .

What civil services have been helping since the earthquake happened? The mcdem have been helping new zealand and preparing us for a tsunami

How does this earthquake relate to you living in Auckland? Relates to us because this is where we stay in auckland .

Are you able to find other news articles about the earthquake? Yes. earthquake

Friday, 11 November 2016

Design Brief for my scratch Game

Conceptual Statement

In the context of Entertainment I will design and produce a game in scratch for friends to be used To keep them happy .




Game Title


Start and Stop

Objects or Characters


Controls (Spacebar, arrow keys etc)


Friday, 21 October 2016

Abstract art

Image result for abstract art graffiti

Today we were learning about abstract art. I learnt that the first abstract example was from Europe during the early 19th century. Abstract artists use geometric shapes, bold colours and other images .

In the 19 century painters were tired of painting real life paintings and thought they should make something that will let the the viewers try and think out what they have painted .

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kiwi Can

Today at kiwi can Mr Afototo said the kiwi can greetings then we talked a little bit about  the a
greeting and where it is from then we got into our theme resilients and our topic setting goals  means make a plan and resilients never giving up and getting back up after we had a talk about our theme and topic

We got into our energiser limbo we had to get into the  groups we were in the four lines we were in then the person who is going to holding the stick has to get the limbo stick some people were changing lines but when the music came on every one was having so much fun playing linda  was the best in our team she went so low  teams won and teams lost .

Then we all sat down and had a talk about our goals and what job you would like and we had to talk to the person next to us and how are you gonna achieve it after that we got into our activity and we got into three or four groups then we got into GKQ and we said thank you to Kiwi Can

Friday, 13 May 2016

My recount about Mother's day

On sunday my Mum went to church with her mum and my uncles. They took my mum and my nana to Mcdonald's for breakfast. My sisters and I were at home waiting for my mum to come back from Mcdonald's.When they came back and we said “Happy Mother’s Day” and she said “Thank you”.

Later she went to cook so I helped her because it was Mother's Day and I thought I better help her out. She was cooking for the whole family. She made afternoon tea for the Mother’s Day at our church. Then I heard someone knocking on the door it was my aunty she gave us a cake for Mother's Day.Then My mum thanked her and had a talk.

My sisters and I had no money so we cleaned up the house for her. We were happy and she thanked us for helping her clean the house. Then they went and took the afternoon tea to the church for the mothers. They were happy and they enjoyed it .

When they  came back home we watched tv.It was getting dark so my aunt drove by our house and wished my mum happy Mother's Day she gave my nana chocolates and my mum a perfume and then she went. Then we went to sleep because we were very tired and we had school in the morning.

Monday, 9 May 2016

On Monday morning I woke and play games and watched tv and my Sister made breakfast for me and my little Sister and my Cousins then we went and brush our teeth and we got ready and waited for my mum to come pick us up And took us to the pools .

Me and my Sister Winnie went to the cold pools it was freezing cold and then we went out and went to the warm pools and we were splashing water at each other and my cousin was drowning so we took her to the baby pool and it was so warm .

And we got out and got change we all felt hungry so we walked to the shop and bought fish & chips and a drink then we walked home and ate and drink then we all went to the living room and watch a family movie .

And we all were happy and playing family games.Image result for family games